Who we are:

Established 28 years ago, Diamond Textiles has become an internationally acclaimed wholesale textile company. Our company is based on a dream of creating fabrics that intertwine traditional organic elements with a modern relevance. We currently distribute fabrics across the United States and in Europe, Africa, Canada, South America, Australia, and Asia.

We are a fair trade distributor!

Diamond Textiles holds dearly its tenets of personable customer service and exceptional quality of fabric. We pride ourselves on being a fair trade distributor – providing jobs and support for countless rural villages around the world. Whether you are a large international distributor or a small storefront in the cottage industry, you are served equally and professionally.

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E-mail: info@diamondtextilesusa.com

Phone: 818-899-9144

Fax: 818-899-9145


Diamond Textiles
13731 Desmond Street
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